Dating better has little to do with finding better looking people, but it’s hard to remember that when you first get on the apps.

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  1. You are given a few profiles of very attractive people (let’s say, attractive according to current trends) with very enticing profiles
  2. You try to engage with those profiles and nothing happens (wtf?)
  3. You…

When we take care of ourselves, that feeling emanates out into our dating universe and changes the energy of a date.

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Play Music

While you’re getting ready or driving to your destination, put on some tunes. Music has a way of setting a tone and altering moods. Play something…

I love what my home city offers me as a working woman who thrives on some romance: camaraderie, flexibility and choice.

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Put on your dating resiliency armor and live your next story

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What a feeling when the stars align on your dating match… but which universe are you looking at and what lens are you seeing it through?

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I wonder if they’re single? A question that becomes more annoying the older you get…

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You Can Date Better

Writing/content curation by Carrie Prince, founder & boss lady behind — advice, humor & mentorship for the current online dating landscape.

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