I love what my home city offers me as a working woman who thrives on some romance: camaraderie, flexibility and choice.

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Let’s set the scene: It’s 2021 in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.

A thirty-six year old woman is making her way in the world without worrying about marriage or kids. She thrives.

At any other point in history, with a personality like hers, she might be burned at the stake or excommunicated by her culture/church/family/community for doing the things she does, but instead…she thrives.

Many generations and lionhearted women have made this possible for her. She knows it. She smiles in thanks for their sacrifice.

I am well aware that I live in a time, in…

Put on your dating resiliency armor and live your next story

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Search Instagram or Twitter for dating-themed profiles and the majority of what you’ll find is folks disappointed in online dating, making fun of the fails. It’s exhilarating and trendy — point all the losers out there who have no clue what they’re doing and revel in the despondency of your plight. Isn’t this so awful? Can you believe what they just messaged me?! Block, cancel, shut it down. Have a good laugh while you’re at it. #SingleLifeSucks.

Okay, truth. Some of it is really, really funny. I do this venting in my private time with my friends too. Sometimes, you…

What a feeling when the stars align on your dating match… but which universe are you looking at and what lens are you seeing it through?

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Dating profiles reveal a strange amount about generational trends, especially when it comes to new iterations of ideologies. There are all sorts of beliefs that folks seem to care enough about to mention, outside of the traditional ideologies of classic religion and politics. Whether it’s a serious deal breaker or not, I find it fascinating to see how specific the current landscape of partner matching can get.


Now, our original beloved and controversial non-traditional method of categorizing people, personalities and matches — astrology — hasn’t exited the scene by any means. There are certainly still folks that put some stock…

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Pic 1: An oversize Sonic the Hedgehog onesie with suspiciously shabby chic quality dons your screen. You squint, trying to guess the age of the person inhabiting this.

Pic 2: A shirtless dad bod in a spastic mid air jump, arm outstretched holding a classic red party cup, beer splashing towards a ping pong table in a frat style garage where a surly group of friends look on. This bastardization of a long faded memory from your college years sends your left eyebrow towards your hairline.

Pic 3: An extreme facial close up (so extreme), head cocked, tongue askew and…

Great time to take a break - that's a lot of nonsense for sure. Great insights and I LOVE you standing up for your emotional safety and not sinking into being gaslit. WELL DONE.

I wonder if they’re single? A question that becomes more annoying the older you get…

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As I get nice and settled into my mid 30s, I realize I work on the assumption that people my age are not available for dating until proven otherwise. It’s not upsetting, it’s just a safe bet.

Now, wait, hold on a second. I rock that single life a whole lot. Other people my age are single sometimes too, of course; I know this. But it’s just the truth that the older you get, the less singletons are prowling around. Compared to the more experimental relationships of our 20s, we know that age tends to bring more stable and long-term…

Finding common ground when you’re in the air all the time is a tough gig for moderate military folks. One army pilot gets up close and personal about what it’s like to date when you fall outside common assumptions for a polarized job.

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A Small Introduction

I come from a military family, however disparate I feel from that at times. My maternal grandfather is a retired Air Force lieutenant general and the last living flying ace from the Korean War. He has a book written about him. He’s a big deal. I love him dearly and respect the hell out of him, even…

Asking authentic, meaningful questions on dates is not performative; it’s indicative of your level of curiosity. And that’s sexy.

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The movie Hitch comes up quite a bit when my generation thinks of people that get into dating advice and coaching. If you aren’t familiar with this 2005 Will Smith and Kevin James rom-com: a successful, private dating coach cleverly named Hitch who specializes in flirtation techniques helps a nerdy financial consultant land the woman of his dreams, but also learns that the nerd’s authentic self was the key factor in obtaining his dream girl all along. It’s cute, funny, dumb and stereotypical in an easily digested way, with fun subplots and… whatever. Not perfect by any means, but in…

Responsible adulting doesn’t always set the stage for hot dates, especially when your new romance is prone to last-minute adventure.

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11:27 pm on a Sunday.

Him: “Just come over now?”

Me: “…”

Those ellipses hold so much inner conflict. But they can’t even find the words to express it because the emotions are adding weight to the already heavy eyelids that were closing before that text was sent.

I am always conflicted about spontaneous invitations when I’m juggling a high-stakes workload, especially when I’m seeing someone new and I’m seduced by the thought of escaping into fun, despite the consequences it may have on my week.

For years now, I’ve lived a life of busyness extremes. It feels as though…

Quite literally, touch is a sensitive subject.

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In terms of dating, and especially dating someone new, the first experience with PDA (Public Display of Affection) is a thing. Is it welcome? Is it too much? Is it…hot?

People that enjoy touch and prioritize it as a component in dating are usually pretty vocal about it these days. If you’ve spent any time on an online dating app, you’ll inevitably see a plethora of folks that feel the need to list touch as one of their “love languages”. I get it. I’m a “touchy” person and I value that in a partner. Heck, I grew up in the…

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